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15 January 2017

webe community Project KL24: Zombie Now Free On YouTube!

From Walking Dead the enigma of zombies has captured TV audience and for a while the interest is at its peak again. Train to Busan another living dead flick set in an Asian setting was a hit, and Koreans thronged the cinema’s to see how local zombies appear on the silver screen. While we Malaysians do enjoy culture intrinsic horror movies and since they also garner the most ticket sales, then why hasnt anyone made a good zombie film with local artist set in our country.\


Acclaimed director, James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman just did, KL24: Zombie is about three intersecting stories and their survival which also depicts how Malaysians behave and adapt when our usual go-about is turned topsy turvy when an epidemic that causes infection making KLites become flesh eating mindless walkers.


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