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22 June 2017

A More Meaningful Raya

A More Meaningful Raya


Salam Aidilfitri from webe!


It’s almost Hari Raya - the house is abuzz with activities: frantic last minute spring cleaning, putting up the curtains for the living room, ketupat making, and of course nenek’s rendang is cooking in the kitchen. Just like how the Yusuf Taiyoob radio advertisements marks the beginning of Ramadan, these activities often remind us of the things that most matter during  Hari Raya over the years.


As these never-ending memories come flooding in, we thought we’d put together a quick list of our 7 fondest memories of Hari Raya from the ol’ days – or at least when we were younger.


Memory #1 – The Food


Rendang, Lemang, Ketupat, Lontong … do we really have to go on? Every house we visit, the spread of delicious dishes and sweets varies and it wouldn’t be polite if we didn’t eat just a little-bit-more … right? How-lah to stick to our diet-plans! And let’s not forget the ol’ skool all-time favourites – like dodol, which comes in several flavours such as durian, pandan, and coconut; wajik (or pulut manis) which is made of palm sugar, glutinous rice and coconut milk; and masak lodeh, which some say is probably the most famous dish during Hari Raya after ketupat and rendang … we think it comes down to personal tastes of course!






Memory #2 – Playing Games


Congkak! Dam Haji! All of these bring back memories of when you’d just sit around each other – decked out in your colourful new Baju Raya. Let’s not forget the famous batu Seremban, also known as batu tujuh (little pillows made from rubber seeds, pebbles or small stones) to some; or playing skipping rope, where the “rope” was made from thousands of rubber bands painstakingly put together by the kids; and of course there’s more - remember Galah Panjang, home made gasing, guli, teng teng, tutup botol and baling selipar?







Memory #3 – Gila Bola???


Those days, small towns had nothing that came close to a playground today. Back then; all we had were grass fields. If we were lucky enough, a real ball (and not the makeshift paper bounded with rubber band kind). Lastly, armed with our imaginations, skies were the limit on what we could do with these two while having fun in the sun like no other. Whether we turned the game to sepak takraw or football on a mildly muddy field; or we created our own mish mash of games that combined everything including basketball and a homemade obstacle course – it was a blast!



Memory #4 – Of Panjut Pelita and Bunga Api!


We all remember the smell of ‘minyak tanah’ on the eve of Hari Raya when a string of Panjut Pelita (kerosene fuelled tea lights made from small stubs of bamboo) are hung on wooden stands, or made from lengths of bamboo, hung horizontally and filled with kerosene from small holes drilled into them.


Then comes the  ‘bunga api’ and ‘mercun’ which were a staple part of festivities, with even adults joining in the fun, then and now. They were magical and amazing in our eyes, as kids would be seen spelling out their name with the sparklers, or compete with each other on whose mercun sounds the loudest!   




Memory #5 – The Family Interviews  


Every Raya we will have to brace ourselves for the onslaught of questions by extended family relatives. From the usual, “Oh, look at how big you’ve grown” to the more down right intruding, “Have you found a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” or “How much are you earning?”  and sometimes even concern, “How’s your studies/work going?”. The interview questions go on and on and on. However this means that everyone cares about our wellbeing (even though it gets annoying after a while).




Memory #6 – Duit Raya


Probably one of our fondest memory is when we are receiving duit raya. We may be older now but secretly, we hope we can still get some still =D. In the kampong, kids will march from house to house, shouting,  “Assalamualaikummm, kami datang nak duit raya”! (LOL!) These days, technology makes it that much more interesting as the ‘ding’ of your mobile phone could mean that you’re getting e-duit raya as well!





Memory #7 – Reflections of Aidilfitri


At webe, Aidilfitri is about reflections of the moral values in life and the act of forgiveness. We have always made it a must to remind everyone on the importance of bonds with precious ones, whether at work, at home or even in your own  ‘Taman’ or ‘Kampung’,


While we wish all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we want to encourage everyone to stay connected with your precious ones; no matter near or far; and enjoy this celebration together.


A pro-tip for Raya – especially at crowded open houses is that you should activate your LTE on your mobile device for faster and better Internet connectivity. Makes sending Raya greetings, making video calls, or even just posting your yummy Raya makan to Instagram – with a suitably festive quote of course – that much easier.


Remember the most magical and memorable moment in every Hari Raya celebration starts with you.


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