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08 December 2016

Taking advantage as a new player: A technology perspective

Among the things our members are concerned about when joining our community is how good our network is. When we opened to public on 30th September 2016, it was important for us to have most Malaysians to experience our service. Hence, we made it a priority that we were immediately available nationwide.


For us, this is the basic need of our members – good connectivity that lets you enjoy any apps, contents or services you love on the internet. And we don’t intend to stand still. As the New Year rolls in, we’re planning to make the experience even better.


Here’s a sneak peek of what we shared with some media friends today.


webe network: smarter for everyone


“Mobility networks aren’t just about coverage and speed. It is about how we can optimise the experience for everyone by using data we already know and making smart choices about the type of technology we deploy and where we deploy it,” shared our Chief Technical Officer, Shurish Subbramaniam.


This is the principle of webe’s network deployment philosophy. Being the youngest player in the industry also means that most of our friends in the industry already have more than 20 years head start on us. However, we choose to make it an advantage for us by learning from their 20 years of experience.


We give our community members the best user experience by intelligently setting up our infrastructure, so areas that demand a lot of capacity are served by high capacity technology. At the same time, we deploy a technology that is optimal for indoor penetration and wider coverage to ensure sparse populations in towns like Alor Gajah, Sitiawan and Jerantut would have decent internet access experience as well.


“webe is the only network in Malaysia able to deploy both FDD850MHz for improved indoor network penetration and TDD2300MHz to provide overall good user experience. We combined these technologies so that users get the best of both user experience and coverage,” said Shurish.


Shurish adds: “Giving people the best network experience is about really understanding where and what their needs are. It’s a little bit like highways. If we had all the money and space in the world, we could just build highways everywhere. But that’s not an option; instead, we need big highways with multiple lanes for areas where there is a lot of usage, and smaller but longer roads to cover the areas where few people go.”


“Ultimately, users just want to get where they want to go quickly and hassle-free. Just like our mobile network, we need to give them fast connectivity to do what they love to do without hassles.”


User experience that counts


Let us stress this point again: user experience is what counts – for webe, at least. In everything we do, including our technology and network deployment roadmap, it boils down to “what are we enabling our members to do?”


This is where we find our work really meaningful. We demo’ed Netflix streaming effortlessly to our media friends right here at webe hive, our HQ. But imagine that now someone in Yong Peng, Johor is able to stream and watch Netflix, when previously he or she wasn’t able to? This is what we do that makes a real difference.


Our challenge is perpetually “how do we get a good internet user experience to Malaysians who are yet to experience it?” This is why we don’t spend a lot of time going into percentages of coverage, because the user experience could be completely different.


So here’s our commitment and New Year’s resolution to our members: at webe, we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure your experience gets better and better – starting with our mobile network. But stay tuned! In the coming year, you’ll hear even more about our plans to roll out more digital services and give Malaysians a truly digital lifestyle.


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