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25 May 2017

A better Malaysia with webe community

First of all, before we even say anything we have got to say that we are happy to meet with everyone who made their presence at the webe community open day!


We hope we have piqued your curiosity, because today, the webe Lounge at Sunway Pyramid was buzzing with excitement! It was a great day for great ideas and the webe community open day was the perfect place to come together, collaborate and be part of our community. webe community is all about creating a positive change and for the first time ever, we held an open day that bought together potential, previous and current Project Champions as well as webe leaders. And because actions speak louder than words, besides interacting with current project champions on their webe journey, there was also a live demonstration of one of the projects funded last year, the Predict and Beat Dengue project.  


Currently in its second year, webe community is serious about making a change and contributing to social good. Any and everyone can submit their idea and if the idea wins the support of the larger community, webe will help turn this dream into reality. And the proof of the pudding is Dr. Dhesi and his Predict and Beat the Dengue app which can predict dengue outbreak.


At our open day event, Dr. Dhesi, demonstrated the functions and the finer details of the Predict and Beat Dengue app. He also shared his journey as a webe Project Champion, taking the audience through the challenges he faced to the headway success his app is making today.


The guests, or potential Project Champions, as we named them, were offered advice and guidance by the webe representative, together with existing and past project champions who helped to share insights and experiences on how they can be a part of this platform. Also showing his support for the Project Champions was webe’s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Nazeem Nasir.


“Everyone has ideas. But not everyone has the funding to turn these ideas into a reality. And this is where webe community comes in. If fellow Malaysians can show us that they have valid and supported ideas, webe will support and enable them to happen,” explained by Nazeem Nasir. He added, “I believe there are many of us out there who wants to drive positive changes for the betterment of the community, and we want to continue being the enabler for those dreams, just as we had for the past one year. Just as we empower our members to lead a limitless digital lifestyle through our never ending data proposition; we are offering Malaysians a chance to see these ideas from any realm of their imagination to life. All we ask is that these ideas enrich the lives of the community in some way – be it through art forms, services, apps, new ways of thinking … anything that makes life better for all of us”.

So if you ever wondered how webe community works, well here’s a quick lowdown for you:


  1. You submit a project or idea
  2. webe and our internal audiences – webe employees, TM Group employees, our members – evaluate your request and pick the ones that would bring positive impact to the society most.
  3. The selected projects are then put up for consideration by Malaysians on our Facebook page and at the webe community website
  4. Projects that receive enough support from Malaysians are “unlocked” and webe will fund them!


webe community welcomes any project which aims to do good for the community. Last year alone, webe community enabled 5 projects that varied from entertainment, to health and education and rehabilitation.


For 2017, we are definitely looking for more ideas. For the first phase, we are happy to announce that the 4 projects launched early May are all unlocked, in less than a month!! The projects are webeMakers which aims to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based subjects and workshops available to students in band 5 schools; webeHelpingHands, Madam Esther Lau who aims to empower underprivileged women with a sustainable livelihood; Besides Esther, we have Dick Lim Yew Teck, who came up with an innovative idea to stop environmental degradation by providing affordable eco-friendly lunch box through an advertising model with webeUnityBox. Another project related to health is webeHealthy an online health account platform which keeps track of an individual’s health, pre-empting any health issues which need to be addressed.


Honestly, we always believe images gives a better story than words so check out our Facebook page to see what went down during the webe community open day.


If you still need more information then all you got to do is checkout our website



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