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01 August 2016

A hello and goodbye

“We is greater than me.”

One thing every webee has held true is that webe is larger than any one individual, but each one contributes to the final outcome.


Today, we are pleased to welcome our new CEO Azizi A Hadi, who steps up to the plate from his previous role as the Chief Operating Officer.


Azizi has been with webe since the beginning, and has played a key role in bringing webe to life in his own way.


His 20 years of experience in the industry, his pedigree as a leader within the TM Group, and his democratic leadership gives us all confidence that webe will achieve what we’ve set out to do.


With this, we see a changing of the guard at the highest level as CC Puan, moves on from his role as the CEO to a non-executive director of webe.


The webe today, is the testament to the co-creation effort of 800+ webees and we will continue our journey as a community brand that reimagines mobility for consumers. 


So, as a team, we toast to our new and former leaders as we look forward to our bright future together as a team, and the realisation of our ambition to be the TM Group’s Digital Mobility Service Provider and Centre of Excellence in mobility to support TM’s aspiration of becoming Malaysia’s Convergence Champion.

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