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27 April 2017

A Perfect Combination Just For You!

We take photos and videos of everything. Our food, where we’ve been, our friends, moments in life, and so on. We share it all over our social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

It’s a way to remember and also to communicate our emotions in a visual way that’s quite different than just words.


But the other thing that really matters to us is being able to communicate our emotions and thoughts as we speak. After all, with never ending data, video calls are a reality and they give us that added ability to share a real human connection.


Which is why having the right smartphone is so important. We know this because you told us it is when we spoke to you.




Think about it. You use your smartphones to stay connected – whether it’s through voice calls, video calls or the simple act of taking a photograph or making a video of a moment.


This is why #webeperfect4u and to ensure we’re close to perfection, we’ve got the Huawei P10 Plus just for you. Awesome right?


Not only does it have a bigger screen so you wouldn’t miss the tiniest of details, but it comes with a Leica lens camera for an extra spark in your photos and videos!


But it’s more than that. The Huawei P10 Plus is a VoLTE – or voice over LTE - enabled device and with webe’s never ending data and high speed LTE, that’s a whole new level of awesomeness for you.


It means that your video call clarity is better than anything you’ve ever had before! Clearer calls, and sharper video experiences - you’ll never miss another precious moment again or you know, avoid a misunderstanding with what your girlfriend/boyfriend said during an argument.  I mean we don’t want this to happen to any of us do we?


The best part is of course that if you purchase a Huawei P10 Plus with us, at only RM3,099, it comes with webemobile subscription for 10 months! This is why #webeperfect4U.


Now, let us tell you what’s next.




Yes, we heard you. Tablets have become a rage amongst multimedia entertainment seekers. We also know that a larger screen is cool when you’re looking to binge watch your favourite series; streaming online videos or even do some actual work on a tablet.


So, #takeM3home if you’re into some tablet love. The Huawei MediaPad M3 is available for only RM1,999! Did we also mention that it works really well with webe’s high speed LTE? Because it does - trust us, we tried it. Imagine all that high quality videos you will be able to stream.


To make it sweeter, we’re hooking you up with our webebroadband© service for 12 months and a 30-day unlimited access to HyppTV Everywhere with every purchase!


Prices for the devices that match what you’d pay at a reputable dealership elsewhere. Access to awesome high speed LTE with webe’s personal touch. Isn’t that a bundle like no other? All you got to do is #takeM3home.


And remember – if you have friends or family who haven’t set their lives free from worrying about things like data quotas, or who are thinking of getting a new device… don’t you think it’s time to give them a break with having one less worry in their lives? Use our multiline plan and save even more!


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