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24 January 2017

Are you ready for the Rooster? Uncover your destiny with webe!

Meet webe’s Rooster of Destiny!


Our Rooster is proud but hardworking; a magnificent guiding voice that can wake us up when the morning comes – and warns us when woe comes calling. He is also kind-hearted, courageous, independent, humorous and honest. Also, did we mention that our Rooster of Destiny has the gift of guiding you through, too?


We are sure you just stopped in your tracks and cried out, “What!… a rooster that guides me through?!”


That’s right! Our rooster is no ordinary cockerel, just like how webe is a telco like no other. Drawing mystical energies from the universe, our Rooster of Destiny can guide you without needing a crystal ball, or even a magic eight ball. Imbued by special powers, he can guide you down the right path to fun and happiness! Check out our teaser video below:



Here’s what you need to do: head on over to from 27 Jan – 30 Jan, and watch as the Rooster of Destiny gives us answers to some of the common choices you may face this festive season; covering everything from what to do, to where to eat. Just click on the videos and watch in anticipation, as the Rooster of Destiny reveals its guidance, which will help you connect with your friends and family, through fun activities, gatherings and reunions!


Plus, if your loved ones are far away, webe can keep you connected to them too! #syiokkawkaw with 9,999,999,999GB of data, calls and SMS for only RM79 per month*. Free from the worry of quotas and limits, just imagine the meaningful conversations you could have!


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, webe wants to empower you to start living a digital lifestyle.  Instead of leaving it to chance or a flip of the coin this Chines New Year, grab your destiny with both hands! Connect with our Rooster of Destiny, and let it lead you to make lasting memories this festive season. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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