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27 January 2017

Behold the Rooster of Destiny

In celebration of the Chinese New Year (“CNY”), TM Group’s Digital Mobility Services Provider and Centre of Excellence in mobility, webe, is streaming digital feed of a live rooster on their Facebook page. Onscreen, the “Rooster of Destiny” will be helping viewers decide some of the common choices they will face this festive season. The fun video stream marks the peak of webe’s on-going CNY campaigns which includes the #syiokkawkaw as well as #matefor9 promotion.


webe cheerfully invites everyone to tune in to from 27 – 30 January, and watch the bird in his specially designed rooster house.  Split into two halves – one yellow, the other red - each half of the house depicts the answer to a typical CNY choice.


Wherever the Rooster of Destiny is standing when the viewer tunes in, is the guidance they must follow to achieve happiness and prosperity in the New Year.  The rooster will be ‘talking’ with fans throughout the period as well, courtesy of Grey Malaysia who have designed and built a chatbot, or ‘chickbot’ to help respond to questions.


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