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29 July 2016

Chasing the points, and finding something more...

When we launched the 850 by webe campaign, we knew that the Malaysian community would go crazy for the over RM6 million worth of rewards. However, we didn’t know just how determined they would be to finish on top!


This is the story of Mr & Mrs Chin, the ultimate winners of the 850 by webe campaign…


From the moment Mr Chin entered our Amazing Maze at Sunway Pyramid, he knew it was his destiny to reach the top of the leaderboard. Fortunately, it wasn’t a lonely mission, as he was joined by his wife – forming a formidable husband-wife team.


The next seven weeks became a family affair for the Chins. Weekends turned into hunts for points and scannable QR codes. Playing the daily in-app games for even more points became leisure interest.


“Scoring points for the 850 by webe campaign just fit into our lives so seamlessly. When we went out together as a family to a shopping mall, or to eat at a restaurant, we often kept a lookout for opportunities to scan QR codes and score points or win vouchers. Then, we would spend those vouchers on even more rewards,” said Mr Chin.


Mid-way through the campaign, we introduced the new referral system and the Chins jumped right in. Together, the husband and wife spread the “850 by webe fever” to their friends, colleagues and relatives – amassing thousands of points in the process.


Topping even this tenacity was the fact that the Chins made it a point for them to be present at all our webe on-ground events. During the Hari Raya festive period, the family would visit each Duit Raya Machine location and get support from the participating public.


In fact, at World of Warcraft movie screening by webe, Mrs Chin lay in wait with her webe850 app, ready to introduce new fans to the campaign and score points via the “member get member” feature. She did so well, that she personally ‘recruited’ more new members for the campaign compared to our promoters!


The hard work paid off as Mr Chin reached the top of the leaderboard in the final five days of the campaign and held onto that hard-won position till the end.


Amongst the 4.6 million QR codes scanned and billions of points earned throughout the campaign, Mr Chin scored an impressive 60,278,631 points to take home the top prize of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and One year FREE webe mobile plan.


The secret to his success?


“‘We’ is definitely greater than ‘me’,” he says. “I couldn’t do it alone.”


“Getting to the top was the hard work and devotion of my loving wife and children, as well as countless friends, relatives, colleagues, and people we met along the way. It has been an amazing journey and everyone who scanned our QR code has made it even more wonderful. The takeaway for us from this entire contest was - not just that hard work pays off, but that every little bit of support from people around us counts.”


The webe team hopes Mr Chin and every single participant of the 850 by webe campaign had fun. We’re also eager to see how you’ve enjoyed your rewards. Tweet us at @webe_official with a picture, and who knows? We may have a special surprise for you.

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