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07 February 2017

CNY - the webe way

CNY – the webe way


Hip and happening and with a nod to the snazzy!


It was a loud and lively gathering of our media friends as we welcomed the Year of the Golden Rooster in style at webe Lounge. The already colourful space was transformed further to evoke the mystery and excitement of old school Shanghai – with the influence of contemporary subculture elements to keep it trendy.


But it wasn’t just about the décor as the real stars of the night were our friends and the webe family who showed up dressed for the part! Cheongsams, samfus, sneakers and fascinators came together in weird and wonderful ways that evoked unseen levels of creativity that delighted all present.


Being Malaysian, the session soon turned thoughts of ‘makan makan’ – as all good parties must!


Azizi A Hadi, Chief Executive Officer of webe and Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer of webe took a moment to offer guests a quick hint of things to come in the coming months from Malaysia’s one of a kind digital mobility solutions provider.


“webe plays a key role in enabling and complementing the converged communication service offerings from TM Group. This offering is bringing Malaysian’s access to critical and leisure services and solutions in today’s increasingly digital world. As TM Group’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Mobility, webe bridges the gaps that may exist – things like location, stability, affordability and solution packaging - by providing webe services where UniFi and Streamyx are not able to reach consumers as effectively as they need,” said Azizi.


Shu Wei further elaborated, “webe is ready to show Malaysians what a truly customer-centric digital mobility services provider can bring to the table. We provide seamless digital mobility and connectivity, whether you’re out and about or at home. In the coming months we’ll be pushing the envelope further in terms of the depth and breadth of solutions that are available to Malaysians nationwide. We will definitely share the details once we are ready.”


Stoking the night’s festivities were an array of things to see and do including Palm Reading; Chinese Calligraphy; and fun classics such as Snap cards game, Shoot the Rooster, Ping Pong Tic-Tac-Toe and more – all updated to reflect the energy of the night. A much watched challenge was the Pick the Bean challenge where the strength and dexterity of your chopstick skills were put to the test!


The ‘Yee Sang’ toss of course a key moment and appropriately loud, tossed high and energetic. Shouts of ‘more Ong’ and ‘Ong mali’ echoed through the lounge as the celebration continued, starting a truly Muhibbah Lunar New Year for a Prosperous, Happy and Healthy New Year for all.


Here’s to hatching great ideas together, and a prosperous Year of the Golden Rooster ahead.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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