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26 September 2016

Colourful treasure hunters in KL

KL Converge! 2016 returns for the second year running as the Biggest Digital and Social Event of the Year.


The event brings together leading experts from the fields of multimedia, applications, internet and creative content who offered their insights on the opportunities and success in the digital space through discussions and showcases.


As the TM Group’s newest addition, webe employees a.k.a webees were spotted at the event sporting bright colours. They were also seen racing all over KLCC and downtown KL on a scavenger hunt.


Kicking off the event, webees welcomed Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak, Minister of Communications and Multimedia with a boisterous and commanding war cry during his walk around of the event.   


In typical webe fashion – as fun and loud as we are, we established our presence at KL Converge. Guests were given more information on our soon-to-be-available mobile service plan and how it will change the consumers’ digital lifestyle. Those interested were also able to register their interest on site to be one of the first on the new network, once available.


Once all the “serious” work was done, it was time for #weberaidsKLCC as our scavenger hunt around KL began.


Vying for the webe backpack prize, the hunt began from KLCC with webees being divided up into groups of between 15 to 20 persons. The hunt requires the group to fulfill various photography related tasks such as having to take a picture with a stranger, find a book with animals, and take a group picture with a cup of coffee.


Once that was completed, the webe groups were required to take a train ride to Masjid Jamek station and search for webe patterns as their pass of completion, before boarding  a train back to Taman Jaya, doing the war cry one last time and submitting their photos.


Eventually the day came to a close with all webees returning back to base after a long fun day of teamwork and challenges. It is not every day that we see a company organise a colourful raid over KLCC, and then a city wide treasure hunt for its employees – yet another exciting day that webees go through together as a team.



#webeready #weberaidsKLCC

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