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23 March 2017

Don't be Afraid to Pop the Question

We have a confession to make… we’re kind of obsessed with you. Not only do we design products around your needs and wants, we want you to have a say in our growing community. Cos’ we think you’re kind of awesome. Like our never ending data plans… they’re kind of awesome too, right?


So, here’s the deal. We want you to be a real part of who we are. We are a community led brand - so we can’t be that without... well, you. That’s why, we’re really excited about chatroom -  a platform that allows your voice to be front and centre all the time!


webe’s chatroom provides a place for our members to connect with like-minded members and mutually benefit by sharing tips, advice, stories and more.


Think about it for a minute. We’ve made data liberation a fact. As a member, you are no longer limited by quotas, contracts or TV schedules to stream, play or shop online. You’re really free to lead a truly digital lifestyle on your own terms, deciding when, what and how you see, talk or create, whenever and wherever you want. When our digital landscape is so democratic, it only follows that we create a support group of webe members, by webe members and for webe members. *cue inspirational soundtrack here!*


But aside from wanting to let you speak with us, it makes total sense that a service like webe’s is a service that never sleeps.


For instance, how many times have you scrolled down to the comments section to get to the most authentic, if not hilariously entertaining take away of an article or Youtube tutorial? Or looked at forums to find an answer to that annoying little tech issue that had you awake at your grandmother’s while she’s trying to watch her favourite K-Drama?


There is value in a community as you’re real. And you understand the challenges that all of us are facing, because we all face them together. For webe, it also makes tremendous sense as making you an integral part of the webe fabric means we get closer to you, and more importantly, your feedback, allowing us to quickly act on it and tailor our products and services accordingly. After all - remember, we’re kind of obsessed with you?


chatroom is where you can discuss our latest offers and services; ask questions; and get answers directly from other members.


But, don’t let it fool you. chatroom is so much more than a forum for answers about webe products and services. It puts you, the user, in control - all questions, answers and discussions are contributed by you. You can share experiences, post comments, write reviews, upload data, acknowledge other members with the chatroom … the list is endless. While you might find straightforward answers to your questions, brace yourself for a lot of memes. So pull up a chair, browse through some topics, or start your own.


To make the chatroom experience worthwhile for everyone, here’s a couple of guidelines :)


  • Ask questions clearly: Writing concisely, being descriptive and tagging your post so the community can find it easily will ensure you get the better answers and responses.
  • Share your experience: If you are having a problem or experiencing difficulties figuring something out but managed to sort it out let us know about it, we’d love to hear about it and we’re sure the rest of the community will to.
  • Search for your question: There is a chance someone has already asked your question and the answer is already sitting there waiting for you. Utilise the search box to check and if it’s not there then make sure you ask
  • Keep it clean and friendly: Do we really need to explain this one?
  • Avoid Spam. The scourge of the internet


So go on. Talk to us… or rather, be in the chatroom with us.

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