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30 September 2016

#webemobile is Open to Public!

“What is data liberation?”


webe is not your average telco service plan.

webe was initiated from consumers who spoke of wanting freedom from data caps, quotas and other unnecessary baggage.

webe is made for consumers who want digital mobility.


Ever since our brand was revealed on 13 April 2016, we have always maintained that webe will do things differently. Our service plan is a reflection of our philosophy “start here. go anywhere”.


And that is exactly what we want our consumers to experience: a different way of looking at life; to feel liberated into doing much, much more with the internet.


Start here. Go anywhere.


Our mobile service plan is made by consumers, for consumers – never-ending data, calls and SMS, with big rebates for members who are part of the family at one reasonable price.


Chief Executive Officer of webe, Azizi A Hadi explained how webe is different from other telco service providers: “For starters, we don’t have customers. We have members. For us, being a digital mobility service provider means enabling our members to make the most of mobile technology and making their digital lifestyle easier. This is in line with the TM Group’s mission of Life and Business made Easier.”


“This is why we offer our members the chance to use the internet with no worry over quotas and limitations, to experience seamless connectivity and enjoy never-ending mobile data. We call this ‘data liberation’; you’ll never run into a cap, and you’ll be able to enjoy and use data the way it’s meant to, with no restrictions, and the potential to work towards anything you wish to. A simple and worry-free plan is just the first step,” he said.


That is the webe experience for you – we believe that the future will be led by purpose; and the ability to be a brand and company that enables, empowers, collaborates and works alongside our communities in Malaysia.


#webemobile #neverendingdata


As advocates of a digital lifestyle, we want to empower Malaysians to do more with the accessibility to enjoy always on connectivity. webe’s mobility plan is what will set you free from restrictions and allow you to truly enjoy the power of the internet.


Learn more on how you can embrace the new age of Data Liberation with webe here.


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