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18 May 2017

Less distractions, more gaming experience!

In an increasingly digital world, our lives seamlessly move from our offline existence to integrate with our online personas. webe’s never ending data proposition is fuelling this in endless ways that help us find, curate and enjoy our passions – especially in the area of online gaming through our mobile devices! The seamless way that we do this through webe’s vision of an empowered digital lifestyle is all about living life on our own terms – following our passion if you will.


Paying for the gaming experiences we love via online however hasn’t always been quite so simple. The need for credit or debit cards made it difficult for some of us to fully realise our online purchase needs. Take the game apps we all love - it’s about small payments for the app and smaller increments for those in-app upgrades that you just have to have if you want to beat that end of level boss! Without the right payment solution, you either didn’t play or you played real sllloooowwwww. That’s not cool at all and definitely gets in the way of your next high score!


Well, those days are over. Today, webe empowers you to ‘Live a digital lifestyle’ that is free of worries over your passion for online games, as our never-ending data already empowers you to enjoy only the best that the Internet has to offer – like finding the latest and greatest games and trying them all. Now our direct carrier billing (DCB) function allows you to pay for all of this with just the touch of a button, then charge it all to your mobile phone bill!


These little touches are about ensuring our members have the best customer experience we can offer them. It empowers your digital lifestyle and removes the fear that some newer members may have as they begin to explore the freedom of their never ending data plan from webe. Our fellow gamers also know the pain of accidentally purchasing the wrong game in your haste to get started. With our DCB function, we let you focus on your passion as we fuel your freedom to play through our never-ending data – and with the refund option, not a wasted gaming allowance!


This freedom to make sure your life really is yours to live as you choose, it’s invaluable don’t you think?


We believe that every webe member should be free of confusion, complex plans, quotas and yes, limitations in getting access to what we need to fully realise our digital lifestyle. Today, the availability of DCB function is another step towards helping everyone explore the limits of their imagination through the games they play, the books they read, the videos they watch or the content they choose to create and share with the world.


How to enjoy the DCB service:


1.         webe members can easily activate DCB on their Android handphones by adding ‘use webe billing’ in the payment methods of their Google Play account menu.

2.         Once the activation is complete, it takes only a simple click on the ‘Buy’ button on their favourite Google Play game, in app purchase or content; select ‘bill my webe account’; and provide their Google account password to confirm the purchase.

            3.         Get Gaming!

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