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14 September 2017

Let’s Come Together!

Hari Malaysia is almost here. In this day, our great nation came together across a literal ocean and began the next step of a journey that we had started years earlier. A convergence of states to create Malaysia!


Since then, TM has kept Malaysians nationwide connected through telephony services, fixed broadband service offerings, and more recently, via  webe – where it has championed the needs of mobile customers in ways that have changed the industry as a whole.


On 16 September 2017, webe and TM will be marking our own kind of ‘Malaysia Day’ as we take the next step in our convergence journey to provide you with the services and products that ensure your Life and Business is Made Easier.


In coming days, you’ll notice that the network name at the top corner (either left or right depending on models) of your mobile device – will change from webe to unifi.


Does this change anything for you as a webe member? No.


You will continue to receive the same awesome never ending data, voice, and SMS offering, enabled by our always on 4G LTE network. We are committed to continue looking after your digital mobility needs.


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