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23 September 2016

Malaysia, are you ready to be liberated? #webeready

We began with the community platform.

We rewarded consumers for active participation through our ‘850 by webe’ campaign.

We officially launched and now, the moment that everyone has been waiting for…the public availability of webe mobile services!


That’s right! Our highly anticipated, limitless data, calls and SMS plan for as low as RM79 per month has finally arrived! From September 30 onwards, Malaysians will now have the opportunity to experience what webe deems as data liberation.


“What is data liberation? Why do you need it?”


Simple. Mobility has always meant much more than a service plan to webe. To us, it’s a way of looking at life. Our plan was birthed from the consumers who spoke of wanting freedom from data caps, quotas and other unnecessary baggage, and that’s what we are delivering.


Once these concerns had been dealt with, we believe consumers would be liberated into doing much more with the internet. After all, our philosophy “start here. go anywhere” is a reflection of our services plans being just the start of things.


Exclusive Media Preview


On 23 September, we gave a group of selected media friends an exclusive access to webe’s mobile service plans for them to experience data liberation ahead of public availability.


“We’ve heard what the consumers have to say about the state of their current mobility plans and this is what we’re doing about it. Through our service offerings, we intend to remove the mentality of restricting internet usage on your mobile phone.


It is when we do this that consumers are truly set free to fully utilise the power of the internet, the power to be ‘liberated’!” said Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer.


The exclusive media preview session saw invited members of the media going through the full end-to-end digital experience with webe.


“Customer experience has always been at the forefront of our service offerings and beyond announcing the date of availability, today’s event is to understand what we mean by end-to-end digital experience. Hence why, instead of telling you what it is like, we strongly encourage you to experience the quick and simple process to get your webe sim card,” added Shu Wei.




So, we are proud to officially announce that the wait is finally over. Our webe mobile plan will be available to the public starting September 30!


Stay tuned to our blog at and join the conversations on Facebook @webedigital to find out more!

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