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28 August 2017

Malaysia’s #confirmbest digital experience brought to life at Jelajah webe in cities near you!

Smartphones and mobile devices are king! We all know that, right? I mean, think about it…


We keep our mobile phones on all the time and check them regularly for texts or missed calls. In fact, a common joke made these days is that the most touchy-feely relationship we maintain isn’t with our significant others – it’s with our phones.


For many of us at work, checking emails and WhatsApp messages can be an almost obsessive ritual. And don’t even get us started on how we check our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, the number of likes on our InstaStories, whether people are watching our latest Snapchats, the latest news (or gossip if we’re being real) on entertainment portals, share mGag’s latest videos, and everything else we do online.



In fact, over the last decade we’ve become a society that’s addicted to being connected, always in touch and always available. If it pings, rings, dings or beeps – it becomes a compulsion for us to check it. And the reality of life in today’s hyper connected world is that we often really do need to stay connected.


So, all jokes and factoids aside, staying connected is something we need to be able to do – being responsible about it is something we’ll cover another time!


This need is why webe has over the past year been focused on rescuing YOU from all the frustrations of trying to stay connected. We believe you should have the best mobile digital experience, on the best devices, at all times – you know … #confirmbest-lah!


If you have a cool mobile device, and you’re connected to a responsible digital mobility service provider you should be able to have fun browsing the web, surfing your favourite social media platforms, or living your best digital life - without having the hassle of buying a new phone. This is why our #confirmbest campaign is all about helping Malaysians enjoy a great mobile experience on a 4G LTE network that works. Everytime.


And being a brand that listens, we decided that we wouldn’t make you come to us – we’d come to you. And that’s why we recently went on-ground through jelajah webe, a one-day experiential event which has so far had its stops in Kuching and Kuantan! Jelajah webe brought the communities in these cities a larger than life festival of fun, in our unique webe style! Cos’ when we say fun, we mean ridiculous fun!


Kuching saw us making Jelajah webe’s first stop at the bustling Medan Niaga Satok. Visitors to the busy market were pleasantly surprised by the webe experience on hand as they experienced virtual reality gaming; enjoyed traditional dances including tarian magu ngatip; tested their mobile gaming skills while reacquainting themselves with traditional games like throwing slipper remix, horse shoe throwing; and so much more! We even had digital caricature stand where our artist turned visitors into animations in less than 10 minutes on a tablet. Now that’s a truly mobile lifestyle right there!


But there was more! Jelajah webe also rewarded three lucky winners with a hamper, a ZTE Blade handphone, and a Modenas Motorcycle respectively. Visitors were seen having lots of fun while playing the games – laughing and helping each other to win prizes, teasing each other during the virtual reality game, and generally being Malaysians!


UTC Kuantan was our next stop, where we surprised visitors with the opportunity to meet celebrities - Guntur Triyoga, Ieda Moin, Reen Rahim and Azar Azmi from Mr. Delicious, a popular drama series now playing on HyppTV! Visitors had the time of their lives taking endless selfies and wefies on their mobile phones while playing games with the celebrities – and our 4G LTE made sure uploading these to their social media was a simple snap and click away.


Visitors were also treated to the live telecast of SEA Games 2017 – semi-finals football match, Malaysia vs. Indonesia, while Melowstreet, an awesome local band, performed during the breaks. The best part of the day for us however was seeing the smiles on visitors’ face as they walked away with exclusive webe merchandise and one of a kind webe deals. It was a great Saturday evening with families and friends experiencing fun on-ground activities – virtual reality games, digital caricatures, the ability to stay connected seamlessly – meeting local celebrities and eating well.


Jelajah webe began its tour on 12 August 2017 in Medan Niaga Satok, Kuching; and moved to UTC, Kuantan on 26 August 2017. When we mean seamless connectivity, we actually mean that it also comes with endless fun! After all, we want to ensure that your life is #confirmbest with our speedy LTE connectivity and our never-ending data, free calls & SMS.


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