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13 April 2016

P1 rebrands itself as webe; launches its own community website

After being dormant for far too long, Packet One is back and they're entering the telco market with a brand new name: webe. This rebranding is the result of P1 being acquired by TM back in 2014. The company has also signed a roaming partnership with Celcom earlier this year.


So what makes webe different from the other telcos in the market? According to webe CEO CC Puan, the answer is the community. During the official launch of webe, Puan emphasises the fact that webe aims to build a community around their telco plans. One of the ways they are aiming to do this is through the power of crowdsoucing. Taking a page out of crowdsourcing services such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, webe has launched a crowdbacking website called webe community. Unlike Kickstarter-like crowdfunding services, projects on the webe community have all been fully funded and are just awaiting the input from the community members in order to be greenlit. Upon being greenlit, the people in charge of the project would be provided with the funds necessary to kickstart said project.


For now, there are seven projects that are currently available on the webe community page, ranging from artistic projects to humanitarian aid. webe has said that the website would soon be open to those interested in getting their projects greenlit. 


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