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07 September 2017

Passion and Processes towards Building a Digital Culture

Is passion the only ingredient to a company’s growth and success in today’s digital era?


In recent years, digital technology has developed at an ever more, and some think alarming rate. These developments have been truly dramatic and their implications far-reaching. While the direction towards a more digital world is clear, how to go about this transformation is less so. There’s no one-size-fits-all for going digital. It can be bottom-up or top-down, comprehensive or selective. And the number of failures are too many to even count anymore.


At the recent TM Digital CX Summit 2017 (#tmdcxsummit2017), our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, better known as Mohar, moderated an interesting Leader’s panel session entitled "Follow your Heart" with TM’s very own Ahmad Azhar Yahya, Chief Digital Officer, and Jeremy Kung, EVP of New Media; together with Tan Hooi Ling, the co-founder of Grab.


The session discussed how passion is at the essence of both TM Group and webe; what the brands stand for and how they translate this into their passions; and the importance of proper processes to drive change towards digitization as well. Mohar shared “While passion is at the core of everything we do for our staff and members, the real return on digital transformation comes from embedding new work practices into the processes, work flows, and ultimately the culture of organizations”.


He also went on to elaborate, “At TM, we have started a ‘digital movement’ that affects all aspects of our company and requires all of our all our internal and external members to be engaged in the program. It is then that we will only win together”.


And what did our panellist have say about this topic? Well, here are some highlights from this opinionated subject:


  • Jeremy Kung cites, “We all need be passionate before implementing processes. Passion is the fuel that ignites your idea and helps you start a business. Passion is what keep you committed to your vision long enough to turn it into a reality. In TM, we have enough processes to build bridges, but do we have enough passion to help drive them?”


  • However, Ahmad Azhar Yahya rebuked, stating “When you talk about passion, love in its holistic form comes to mind. More often than not, passion imbues individuals with certain strengths and vulnerabilities, but they also offer unique perspectives that contribute to the generation and application of knowledge in the work environment - the very substrate from which creativity and innovation is birthed. Passion also drives dedication and commitment towards doing their best when it comes to developing better products, deliver better services, capture the hearts and loyalty of customers and outdistance competitors.


  • For successful start-up entrepreneur Tan Hooi Ling, her thoughts were simply this -“Passion is great, but having the right people is also choice. Even as an incumbent, TM has shown great growth in embracing new methods and technologies to cater to their customer’s needs. The age of experimentation with digital is over. In an often-bleak landscape of slow economic recovery, digital continues to show healthy growth. So, to stay competitive, TM must stop experimenting with digital and commit to transforming themselves into full a digital business, from staff to processes. And this can only be achieved top down, from leaders to staff. Only then can TM experience tremendous success as well.”


  • Finally, to sum up the session, Mohar explained “Passionate people are driven, often finding ways to create better teams and making a mark for themselves or their products. However, although processes means being regimented, it allows us to move beyond vague statements of intent and focus on understanding what are the needs and wants of our customers’; then applying them to the end product. Processes is what drives transformation towards digitisation too.”


In the end, while processes seem to win over passion, the bottom-line remains that for us to continue to innovate and lead in our industry with our existing workforce, both being passionate and having the right processes are key drivers to see us through.


Today, having a strong digital identity also allows webe to be close to its members wherever they are. It enables them to deliver seamless experiences that integrates bricks-and-mortar businesses with online and mobile convenience, plus it helps build long-lasting customer relationships.


The #tmdcxsummit2017 is a week-long event organised by TM Group for all their staff and is designed to encourage greater digital adoption within the TM Group. Leaders and partners offered insights that showcased seamless Digital CX and integrated business solutions to meet their lifestyle and business communication needs; all towards making “Life and Business Made Easier for a Better Malaysia”.


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