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07 November 2016

RM79 is for everyone #webenow!

There is no better time to experience the true freedom of mobility that comes with webe mobile! For a limited period only, #webenow is offering its never-ending mobile service plan for just RM79 per month to all new and existing subscribers!


During this limited period, we are taking away the two criteria previously required, making webe now affordable for everyone!


“Since 30 June, we have received feedback that many of you are interested to try out our webe mobile service, but are unsure about the discount structure and how to be entitled to enjoy the discount. So, we designed #webenow campaign -- temporarily putting aside the 2 criteria, to get as many of you who are interested to try out webe mobile onboard at only RM79/month.  


The 2 criteria still remain as important factors to our business in contributing to the convergence experience TM Group aspires to deliver to our members. We also really want our members to enjoy the LTE experience to the maximum by using the right phones. However, for this limited time period, we want to create a zero barrier entry for members who wish to experience webe. This is the perfect time for everyone to come on board. So, act fast and act now if you want to enjoy never-ending data, calls and SMS at RM79 for the rest of your life,” said Mr. Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe.


Ever since our brand was revealed, we have always maintained that webe will do things differently.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for this extremely good deal with webe here!

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