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22 November 2016

Roadtrip! The webe experience around the nation

Since being made available to the Malaysian public on 30 September, we’ve been peppered with questions from people interested in signing up with us.


Being new, there were many questions about what the user experience on our network would be like. “What’s the coverage like?” “Good speed or not?” “Is the unlimited really unlimited?” “Can I use webe overseas?”


Every question was a valid one. And for us, we work tirelessly to deliver the best user experience possible to our members. But what does this experience really feel like when we put it to the test? To discover this, we took our senior management along with some media friends on a roadtrip.


Alor Gajah, Melaka: connecting communities


Our first stop, arriving from webe hive in Petaling Jaya, we stopped at the town of Alor Gajah in Melaka, to experience the transforming power of the internet in a small community.


At webe, we don’t shout about having the widest coverage or network. As a TM Group company, our focus is on bringing the power of the internet and connectivity to all communities in Malaysia.


Working in tandem with other TM Group services such as UniFi and Streamyx, webe helps to fill in the gaps in connectivity so everyone in the nation benefits. This purpose is what sets our strategy apart from others, as we genuinely believe that life gets easier and better for everyone when more of us get connected to the internet.


At Alor Gajah, we also took the opportunity to visit some of the attractions in town, learned the tips and tricks of pottery-making at Pusat Inkubator Kraf Alor Gajah, and enjoyed local delicacies at Pasar Menggong. Insights were also shared with the media on how TM Group sees the importance of managing the needs of bringing connectivity throughout Melaka, and now webe is here to complement the range of product suite from TM, in line with the Group’s position as Malaysia’s Convergence Champion. With webe as an option, locals are able to experience being connected although certain areas may not be able to receive other TM broadband offerings due to certain limitations.


Singapore: roam with never-ending data for just RM 39 / day


Leaving Alor Gajah, we then headed south to the Lion City of Singapore to let our media friends experience roaming with webe via our roaming partner in Singapore, whom we work tirelessly with to ensure an uninterrupted digital experience.


Here’s the bombshell: outside of Malaysia, in our Top 18 countries with best data experience (including Singapore), our webe members get to enjoy never-ending data, no cap on video streaming, and even tethering services for only RM39 per day (excluding 6% GST). That’s right, even while roaming, you have never-ending data as long as you roam with our partners!


webe is able to be experienced worldwide where roaming relationships have been established, with the best data experience are able to be felt by members in the following 18 countries: Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Macao, Qatar, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and as we progress, we are certainly adding more countries into the list.


webe in Johor Bahru: our commitment to user experience, nationwide


Our final stop on the way back to Petaling Jaya was Johor Bahru. The media was treated to lunch, hosted by webe’s senior management, Chief Executive Officer, Azizi A Hadi; Chief Marketing Officer, Lai Shu Wei, Chief Technology Officer, Shurish Subbramaniam; Chief Sales and Services Officer, Kelvin Lee; and Chief Business Development Officer, Tony Ha. Also present was TM Johor State Vice President, Azhar Omar. 


Speaking at the lunch, Azizi said, "User experience is our focus. Right from the start, webe’s network has nationwide coverage - from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Gajah to Johor Bahru. Furthermore, we have also established partnership for the benefit of our members – bringing never-ending data roaming to 18 countries, including Singapore. Our promise to consumers is the best user experience while on our network. One way we are delivering this is through our one simple plan giving members all the data, phone calls and SMSes they need for as low as RM79 per month. However, having never-ending data is pointless without wide coverage, so we have also ensured that members enjoy webe coverage nationwide from day one.”


We hope reading this short report of our trip has also helped answer some of your own questions about the webe user experience.


In support of TM Group’s promise of “Life and Business Made Easier”, we give our members an ‘always on’ lifestyle with no quotas, caps or limits. We want to empower our community with mobility services, and connectivity. Set yourself free from restrictions and embrace the power of the Internet with us today, at


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