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13 February 2017

Seeing is feeling

“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.” 
― Tarjei VesaasThe Boat in the Evening


The importance of being able to see in human communications can’t be overstated. It’s in the way we speak – like when we say “I’ll see you later” while even on a phone call; from the expression of simple emotion – “I see you”; and descriptive expressions like “I see what you mean.”


This is why we believe the value of seeing the people you’re speaking to should be encouraged and developed further.


webe’s never-ending data has opened up a whole new way for Malaysian’s to think about their cellular plans – and the way they interact with the digital world around them.


But what about the way we emote in our everyday conversations? webe’s approach in redefining the way Malaysian consumers communicate and live their lives to the fullest through never-ending data is part of our constant focus on ensuring that we deliver the an experience while meeting the needs of real people in ever evolving ways.


#SeeEveryEmotion is our latest campaign. It’s about taking what we already offer you – never ending data – and expanding what you can do with each other.


By empowering one of our 5 key senses: sight; webe hopes that Malaysians who were previously limited to calls and text communications for the bulk of their mobile interactions will now be able to see, as well as hear your loved ones. This will enhance the value of our everyday communications immeasurably.

“Human communication is based on emotion. Video allows us to engage with nuances that can only be seen - things like a look or an expression - that can never be adequately brought to life through words or sounds only. Video is the way ahead, and where consumers who wanted it before this were limited by concerns such as the perceived high cost, accessibility, or availability of digital mobility solutions for real people; webe has now demonstrated again that such limitations are no longer the case,” said Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe.

Can you imagine what video conversations could do to enrich and empower your life? We can – and we’re hoping to help you “see” it too.


To get you started, we’re releasing a couple of videos that we think are pretty nifty starting this week and over the next month or so. They are the first of a series of examples of how webe’s vision of a video-enabled future is already coming to life today.


We’ve removed all caps, limitations and restrictions on how you can actually use your mobile phones. This is key to how we think human to human communication can be enhanced, and it’s an extension of our community led and empowered business model. It’s also key to our need to constantly challenge the way things are done with a singular focus on offering our consumers the best possible experience at every point of our interaction.


So, come join us on our video journey and see what “start here, go anywhere” can mean for you. We’d love to hear how you use video calls to make your life richer.

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