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12 April 2017

Sometimes, never-ending just isn’t enough

At webe, we’re focused on getting you connected to the things that matter to you, all the time.


When we first introduced our webemobile® product last September, our main focus was to give our members a taste of being data liberated through seamless connectivity with our simple, worry-free mobile plan.


All of this is of course also driven by what we hear you asking for in terms of features, value added services and of course, partnerships with awesome devices that make your digital lifestyle so much better.


You’ve told us that sometimes you need to get connected on a different device through a hotspot, and we’ve heard you asking for us to help you make that happen. So, effective today, tethering – the ability to share your data from our webemobile® with another device – is now being updated with several new options.


Firstly, every existing and new webemobile® member will receive 1GB of data for tethering FREE every month at no additional charge for the next three months. We’ve spoken with you, heard your requests and we’re making that happen for you.


Now, before you ask about what’s next, let us tell you. We’re also introducing a new top up option for your tethering needs in the form of a personal tethering pass, MobileWiFi 500MB, available at RM8*.  


This way, you don’t have to pay a lot for a huge amount of data that you then have to worry about using before it expires! The quota will have a validity of 30 days, with a 60 days rollover period for any unused data. That’s 90 days to use up your data!


We’re maintaining the existing Personal WiFi 2 Hour Pass that you’ve enjoyed to date – that’s RM6* for 2 hours of unlimited high speed data tethering. So, for those nights when you feel like watching a movie in bed – go for it!


With all these goodness, let’s get your friends and family to join our attractive multi-line plans, so they too can enjoy never-ending data, calls and SMS. You get the same benefits yet at a lower cost (from as low as RM49*/month!).


So, remember. Now webemobile’s® never ending data, calls, SMS and video offering at RM 79 a month, you also get 1GB of tethering included!


If you need a little more though you can now choose between:

  • New RM8* for the new Mobile WIFI offering with 500 MB per pass with validity of 30 days
  • RM6* for a Personal WIFI 2 Hour Pass with unlimited tethering options;


webemobile members can purchase the mobile wifi pass through your Self Care portal or app today.


For Multi-line savings:

  • 1st line at RM79*
  • 2nd line at RM69*
  • 3rd line at RM59*
  • 4th line at RM49*
  • 5th line at RM49*


*all prices quoted are not inclusive of 6% GST.


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