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16 March 2017

Take Me Home

Missed Hollywood’s biggest night? No problem! You bring the popcorn, webe will bring the movies, and more to you.


Entertaining yourself, your friends, your family, and even your neighbours - will never be the same again as webe’s broadband plan – #TakeMeHome will allow you to watch, surf, video, chat, game and do more online, all the time. Yup, the 20GB free quota has been extended a little longer, and it is about time you plan a movie night soon!


With the 30GB combined data, you can binge on movies of your choice without burning a hole in your pocket. Which means you can spend the money saved up for popcorn and snacks to keep your movie partner entertained. This is true to our community led brand proposition in ensuring everyone – new and existing webe members – can do more with the Internet.


Ever since our broadband launch in December, we have noticed that our members love their data very much! Streaming and making videos have never been so easy, especially when you get to enjoy high-quality, LTE optimised data that lets you do whatever your heart desires!


The perks of subscribing to webe broadband remain unchanged – no contracts and no activation fee. And because webe is all about community, you can even share your connection with up to 10 devices at the same time! Now your experience isn’t just limited to a smart TV or a mobile device. You can watch videos from Youtube, Netflix; play games online all night long on your PS4; or stay connected on your tablet and other devices, virtually anywhere.


But what if you don’t have a modem, you say? Well, with the extension of our plan, webe is also introducing a WiFi modem that will give you the flexibility to connect anywhere, anytime :)


webe definitely takes video overload to the next level, in a really good way. So come on, #TakeMeHome and get connected today.

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