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30 June 2016

The webe mobile service is now available

Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”


In the same way, when we began our quest to redefine mobility, we didn’t want to start by being “the next Telco.”


Instead, we travelled the country and spoke to everyday Malaysians. What we discovered was really insightful: most Malaysians we encountered from all walks of life believe “our little makes a lot.” All kinds of communities exist in Malaysia – communities that co-exist around a common purpose. And they all could benefit not just from data connectivity, but from connecting communities with purpose.


This was our belief when we launched our brand two months ago in April. Many of you were very excited and asked about when our mobile service would be launched and what our plan would look like. We started instead by telling you what we believed in and what we stood for. Our philosophy is that together as a community, Malaysians can “Start here. Go anywhere.


Well, we start today. From 9 a.m. this morning, selected TM customers & webe (previously P1) members will receive emails inviting them to be part of the new webe mobile service. Our community of loyal customers come first, because they’ve been with us since the beginning. But don’t fret if you’re not yet a TM customer or webe member, we’ll be welcoming you on board soon too!


We have one simple plan. It costs RM199 per month for as many calls, text and data usage as you want or need.  The plan only gets better and better with rebates bringing your bill as low as RM 79 per month, and up to RM49 per month for family members.


That’s right! We have no contracts. Our experience is designed to be digital end-to-end, all you need is your invite and the rest is easy. Simply click the link in your invitation to join, and you’ll be directed to a sign-up page. Enter your details, choose the mobile number you want (hurry, to get the one you want!), make payment with your credit card and you’re done.


You’ll then get your SIM pack delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. No need to visit a store, everything is done digitally. Customer service is also available 24 hours via online. Simple!


So why did we adopt this digital end-to-end approach? We adopted this because of what our members told us. They want a service provider that is fast, efficient, and flexible – and that is what we want to deliver through the power of the internet.


And there’s more to come. A great mobile experience is just the first step for webe. But don’t forget, we’re also part of TM Group – Malaysia’s Convergence Champion. Our plans are much bigger together.


Together with other TM Group services, such as UniFi and HyppTV, what we really offer is an end-to-end converged service experience for our customers. Wherever you go, on whatever device you use, we want to be able to provide the best experience for our customers and make their digital lifestyle easier.


That’s the TM Group’s promise of “Life Made Easier.”



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