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07 June 2016

This EPIC app by Msian mosquito haters will make you itch less

(Sorry for the clickbait but this article is mainly about one of the worst types of mosquitoes we know: Aedes!!! Ragraghaghasdjfhaksdjf)


Chances are, the majority of answers would be either you know people who have gotten dengue before, or you’ve kena dengue yourself.

It shows that dengue is all around us, but the issue is not about treating, it’s about preventing it before it even starts. How do we do that if Malaysians generally tend to tune out the moment people talk about dengue? We noticed that with our own dengue articles (here and here).

But maybe with the help of awesome, cutting edge technology, we can ACT before dengue strikes (or should we say bites…like mosquito bites, geddit?).


What if you could predict when YOUR area is a hotspot?


So that you have time to clean out your longkang, throw away open containers, and stock up enough Ridsect for a mosquito apocalypse. (FUN FACT: A tiny puddle the size of a 20 cent coin is enough for mosquitoes to lay eggs). By right, doing all that should be a continuous effort, but sometimes what technology-dependent people like us need is a reminder from Google Calendar or else we might never get to it.


Enter this app… Artificial Intelligence and Medical Epidemiology, or AIME (pronounced Amy), a disease-prediction mobile platform that predicts deadly disease outbreaks 3 MONTHS in advance! First, you select the location you’re in and click analyse. This smart algorithm will calculate the probability in percentage of an outbreak happening in a 400m geo-location. Click here to watch a demo. It’s literally that easy!


Developed in the Silicon Valley, US, by Malaysian epidemiologist Dr. Dhesi Raja, and computer scientists Dr. Peter Ho and Dr. Choo-Yee Ting, AIME’s smart algorithms work based on various factors – environment factors, dengue factors and even the community – predicting dengue outbreaks in a specific locations up to 3 MONTHS in advance!


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