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16 August 2016

TM Group announces unlimited mobile data plans starting at RM79

SUBANG JAYA, Aug 16 — Communications solutions provider TM Group today launched “webe” ― its mobile data service that will not have any quota restrictions on internet usage for as low as RM79.


Azizi A Hadi, the chief executive of webe, said TM Group wants to “reimagine” the provision of connectivity solutions and to open up a “digital world of possibilities” to Malaysians, instead of recreating what other telecommunications companies are doing.


“webe is unique because we see your mobile service plan as just the start so we want to give you the best. No worry about quota, no worry about allocation, no worry about contracts even.


“People may think we are crazy but we hope they can see we are visionary,” he said in a speech at webe's launch here.

He also envisioned that webe users would be able to enjoy a seamless experience by combining TM Group's Unifi broadband service at home and the new data plan when on the move.


He also highlighted that webe users are not locked in to any contract and would be able to cancel the mobile data plan at any time.


“Because we don't believe in confining our relationship to customers based on a contract. If customers are happy with the experience, they will have no reason to want to leave and will stay in a relationship with us at their own will,” he said.


According to Azizi, the webe service will be offered for RM79 for primary line users, with those using the supplementary lines to enjoy further rebates. 


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