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07 August 2017

Design Thinking Equals Designing The Future

Here at webe, we believe that by producing smart, creative thinkers of tomorrow, we will help create positive change and a more innovative world. This will also enhance the services and support technological advances in the world, thus making it a better and easier place to live.


Creative thinking isn’t just limited to our walls only; we’re also committed to help build a world of future thinkers, builders and leaders. Which is why we were delighted to host a group of engineering students from University Teknologi Petronas (UTP) to our headquarters, webe Hive.




We provided them the opportunity to learn and experience how Design Thinking works, and how this might help them in their studies and when they enter the working world.






The UTP students were briefed by key leads from webe’s Product Engineering Department and participated in fun activities and scenarios to better understand how design thinking works, before they were broken into groups for the Tinkerbox Challenge. The Tinkerbox Challenge enabled the students to develop a simple solution to a problem that was given by the webe team.


In webe, we strive to build a culture that encourages us to be innovative in everything we do.


Tinkerbox was created to encourage problem solving ideas and inspire us to always think out of the box. Through our Tinkerbox Challenge, we hope to introduce this new way of smart thinking to students equip them with a distinctive skillset.


Hear the students share the Design Thinking experience with webe:-




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