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13 April 2016

we be webe

Hello world. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. From today onwards: P1 is webe.


Some of you may already know webe, having been part of our community since Day 1. Others, may wonder why a “telco” like P1 is getting all involved in communities and backing projects that have nothing to do with our business.


We want to let you know there’s a reason to our chaos, and so we’re excited today, that we can finally piece together the puzzle for you.


webe is the new digital services provider that’s part of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Group, but we’ve started our journey intentionally not wanting to be “just another telco.” Let’s face it. We’re last to market in the telco industry, and unless we are significantly different, you wouldn’t pay us any attention.


But being last to market means we are also able to learn from mistakes – some our own, and some from others we’ve seen in the marketplace. The past two years have been hard work for us as we sought to understand how we could build a better company and a brand you could love.


The answer we arrived at: by having a higher purpose and a deeper connection with our communities.


We started by asking the question: “what should we do, if we could do one thing to impact every Malaysian?” We realised, the answer wasn’t one thing. It was many things. This is why we are launching first in market with webe community.


In the world of webe, the We+Be philosophy guides our members with the principle of the power of ‘We’ being greater than me and the freedom to ‘Be’ yourself. We live on a mantra of ‘what you see is what you get’ as we aim to build a community based on transparency and trust.


webe community is integral to who webe is. It’s where we get our community to decide what’s important to them and what they want to see happen. Big changes. Small changes. Little things that add up to a lot. Anyone can start a project, and the beauty of it is – if enough people back your project, it’ll already be funded.


We want Malaysians to get this. This is why when we launch, we aren’t telling you about our plans or products or services first. Rest assured, that will come in due time.


You’ve seen us do some good work already – bringing back Raising The Bar Festival (RTB Fest) with Jin Hackman and making Malaysian roads a little bit safer with Edwin Ng and Jeffrey Lim. Today, we’re launching seven (7) new projects, each with the possibility of making an impact to the community, led by Malaysians whom we know want to make a difference.


webe Community’s Seven new projects:


  1. Dengue Prediction & Alert App – An app that highlights and alerts users on dengue prone areas. The app would also tap into the power of community by allowing people to report dengue cases in their area, to enhance the database.  Project Champion – Dr. Dhesi Baha Raja & Rainer Mallol


  2. WEbePOP! – A pop album featuring Malaysian independent English bands and artists from various genres to drive awareness of up & coming homegrown talents. Project Champion – Prashan Chitty & Darren Teh


  3. KL24 – The first Malaysian-made feature-length movie, available to be viewed for free online. The film will demonstrate how different Malaysians work together and support each other in overcoming and dealing with a zombie outbreak in Kuala Lumpur. Project Champion – James Lee


  4. Virtual Field Trips – Providing virtual fieldtrips for underprivileged children from orphanages, refugee camps and indigenous communities. The 360 videos will be available to the public for free to carry out similar initiatives to experience the virtual fieldtrip themselves. Project Champion – Kal Joffres & Tiu Kian Wee


  5. Cycles To China + Gombak house – Having Project Champion - David Wu cycle from Alor Setar to his ancestral village in Guang Dong, China – 2,500 kilometres and approximately 1.5 months. With this, he aims to raise RM500,000 to repair up to 40 homes in Malaysia along his journey together with Hayati Ismail, who will identify the homes that are in need or urgent repair. Project Champion – David Wu & Hayati Ismail


  6. Malaysian Makers Market – Setting up a permanent retail space (1,000 square feet) in a high traffic tourist area to create awareness and sell high-quality, handcrafted products by Malaysian Makers. Project Champion – Adrian Yap


  7. Container Classrooms – to create additional ICT classroom dedicated to students who are wheelchair-bound and with cerebral palsy and cannot reach the ICT classrooms located in the school. Project Champion – Amelia, Andrew and Karthik


    We want to invite you to surf over to the project page and download the official webe Community app from the App or Google Play store, and lend your support. All you have to do is login or create an account, and pledge your support in the form of webits (our unique currency) which you earn by simply, showing support through actions like sharing the project, commenting or even (at a later stage) participating as a volunteer. Learn more about how simple it is over here [link].


    Soon, we envision opening up our platform so any Malaysian will be able to start a project and champion it. Our vision is seamless co-creation and collaboration with our members on projects that will make positive change to Malaysians.


    Today is just the beginning of an unfolding story for webe. We intend to start the story today. Because we believe that each of us, you even, can “start here. Go anywhere.”


    PS: If you were wondering when we’ll tell you about our new LTE service (yes, that’s coming), stay tuned for more news in the upcoming weeks.


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