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11 April 2017

We celebrated the availability of webemobile biz and webebroadband biz with the SMEs in Johor Bahru!

Persada Johor Bahru came alive with excitement today as webe formally launched our webemobile biz and webebroadband biz offerings that are designed to empower small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Malaysia. With more than 1,000 SMEs, solutions partners and media present, it was the start of something great we think.


webe is all about digital mobility services that redefine what a mobile and broadband plan looks like. If we can get you connected in a way that’s fast, easy to understand, easier to use and ultimately, built with you in mind, that’s where you’ll find us.


Earlier this month, we began offering our new biz services to SMEs. The response has been, to put it mildly, encouraging. But then again, it makes sense when you think about it.


Our consumer offerings that were launched last year focused on offering one single plan with never-ending data, no contract, no quotas and no hidden fees. This was a welcome change in an industry that seemed to focus on complicated contracts, quotas that were becoming increasingly difficult to understand and use, and numerous packages that only confused consumers who just wanted to get online.


SMEs have the same problems - and more. They also need to be able to get solutions that start small and grow with them quickly. Well, today we formally introduced the beginning of a solution. Launching our biz services at the Johor Bahru leg of TM's SME BizFest 2017 event also made sense as we’re offering businesses a way to start as small as they want to - and with TM's existing portfolio of proven solutions, grow as big and as fast as they need to.


A solution that offers reliable and proven fixed line connectivity, mobile services that are flexible and offer quick start-up, and value added services that are built just for SMEs.


You’ll hear more about what we’re doing with SMEs in the coming months. For now, check out the official announcement we made on 05 April 2017 when we first introduced the webemobile biz and webebroadband biz services here; or better yet - check out the Facebook Live video of the official introduction here and see the fun for yourself.



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