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03 March 2017

webe bags 5 awards at the Mob-Ex Awards 2017

“Started from the bottom now we’re here.” 

― Drake


This post is about you. To every single webe member; who has trusted us as we took the idea that digital mobility could be done differently, and bringing it to life. To you, we say a hearty THANK YOU!


While we have much to be thankful for, this post is about our recent wins at the Mob-Ex Awards 2017 in Singapore. Still remember the 850 by webe campaign we launched last year in May? It was meant to give the public a taste of what we propagate as a digital lifestyle and excitement even before our services were officially launched. This campaign was designed with our members in mind, and the aspiration to drive a different experience for our members was what mattered most to us; that wanting to see our names in the running only falls secondary in our mind.


We’d shown up to cheer on the best and the brightest mobile marketers from across the region. We never thought of bringing home an award and we certainly didn’t expect to be awarded with 1 Gold and 4 Silver awards!


Mob-Ex Awards is about rewarding leading organisations that have pushed their limits and achieved success on mobile platforms, through sound and innovative mobile marketing strategies. A panel of 20 carefully selected experienced industry experts who in turn decide who gets the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in various categories awards it.


We’re less than a year old and we’re receiving the regional recognition for excellence in a number of key categories – that thought alone left us feeling humbled (not to mention bewildered!) because we know that this could only be made happened through collective effort from everyone who cared.  


We were recognised in pretty interesting categories, as we took home the Silver for Best Campaign in Incentives and Rewards; Best App in Creativity; Best App in Games/Entertainment; and Best App in Consumer Brand. The Gold was definitely an icing on the top of a totally unexpected cake for us as we won the award in Best Campaign for Direct Response.


We’re still a little dazed by it and we think it’s a fantastic debut for a new brand in a very old industry.


But what the win really meant for us was that we had begun to make our promises to you, a reality. webe began with a simple set of beliefs. These included making things simple to understand. Having a plan that made sense financially and for your lifestyle. Being a brand that was community led and that stayed in touch with our members. That listened, learned and adapted for their needs. These awards are just a reminder that we have begun to do these things – and a bit of motivation to do even more!



We are exhilarated and overjoyed in all these awards and we have YOU to thank. The trust and support of our members is what keeps us going. Even though we’re still a very young brand, and we have a lot of things to improve on, it’s your support that makes us want to do better, to serve you better and to ensure that webe will create and empower the digital lifestyle that you expect.


These awards were a nice surprise. But what really matters to us, is working every day to make your experience a little bit better. So all of us here at webe would appreciate every single comment, advice and question you have for us, as all these things are what shaped us today and what will help us to become better for you in all our shared tomorrows.


Once again, from the bottom of our heart, Thank You.

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