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23 January 2017

webe community - Malaysian idea-makers – We Want You!

Malaysian idea-makers – We Want You!


We’re looking for amazing, ambitious projects that are championed by passionate, creative Malaysians. Your project can be anything – and we mean ANYTHING - that you want to create and share with others to make a positive impact. The next novel, an amazing indie film, a brand new app, a community project to feed everyone, the next ground-breaking piece of technology, an amazing must-have-backpack … well, you get the gist of what we’re saying.


Anything you can dream up – and get other Malaysians to support – will find itself at home on webe community. By the way, did we mention that the call for submission starts today? So please go ahead and share the news with your friends as we want as many ideas as we can find!


If you have a minute, we’d like to tell you about why we’re doing this.


We’re living in exciting times, full of “that’s amazing” and “I wish I’d done that” moments as cool products, services and offerings mushrooming around us. Among the many “wow” moments these innovations inspired, the most meaningful ones are those that truly innovate to effect a positive change in ours and the lives of those around us. With that, we would like to welcome you to an improved version of webe community.


webe community is a growing community built around creativity and creative projects. Over 125,700 webe community members have already made their presence felt as they brought five amazing projects to life in 2016. We’ll talk about those a little later as we’re excited about the enhanced webe community website that’s gone live today. This is the direct result of feedback from our Project Champions, members of the public and most importantly, our members!


Don’t worry though as webe community projects are still chosen by Malaysians who will decide on which projects to support. They’re powered by the community from the initial selection phase, all the way to the successful completion of the pledging process. To show your support, it is now as simple as a Facebook Like to tell webe community that you love this particular project and want to make it happen with the project champions.


This year, with community at the heart of everything we do, we would like to help empower more innovators breathe life into their game-changing ideas aimed at benefitting fellow Malaysians using creative and innovative solutions.


So, head over to to find out more, and keep an eye out for more updates coming soon. And remember – there’s no such thing as a dream too big!

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