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17 August 2016

webe Finally Goes Official With RM79 Unlimited Data Plan But There's A Catch...

TM (Telekom Malaysia) has officially launched 'webe' - its mobile data service that will not have any quota restrictions on Internet usage for as low as RM79


Speaking at the launch yesterday, 16 August, newly-appointed CEO of webe, Azizi A Hadi, stated that TM is changing the provision of connectivity solutions and is opening up a “digital world of possibilities” to Malaysians, instead of recreating what other telecommunications companies are doing


"webe is unique because we see your mobile service plan as just the start so we want to give you the best. No worry about quota, no worry about allocation, no worry about contracts even. People may think we are crazy but we hope they can see we are visionary,” he said in a speech at the launch event.


Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said KeruaK who was also present at the launch, commended the company's dedication and tenacity in building and upgrading its 4G LTE network through webe.


"People need more data, and as the data traffic gets larger, the challenge we face right now is in meeting the demand for data. Of course, data also has to be fairly priced, which is why I am pleased to note that webe provides a worry-free experience on their service, giving Malaysians access that is affordable,” he said.


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