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16 August 2016

webe officially launched

webe officially launched

TM Group’s mobility centre of excellence

Redefines mobility and makes your life easier


“Do you want to sell sugar water or do you want to change the world?” The late Steve Jobs famously asked John Scully when inviting him to be Apple’s CEO.


We want to change the world, of course.


This is it. The culmination of our 2-year journey and marking our emergence as TM Group’s mobility centre of excellence. Today we officially launch webe and along with this, our mission to redefine mobility and extend TM Group’s vision of making life and business easier for all Malaysians.


Since we revealed our brand on 13 April, you’ve seen us share our philosophy and aspiration to change the industry landscape and do things differently. As our first move, we launched webe community. You’ve joined us to make 850 by webe a massive success. And on 30June, we started inviting loyal webe (previously P1) and TM customers to sign up with our one, simple mobile service plan. Each of these a part of a greater plan to redefine mobility as a new kind of company.


How do we do this?


Mobility to us means much, much more than a service plan. It is a way of looking at life. And if there’s one word we’d use to describe this, it’s ‘freedom’. That’s why we’ve made so many consciously different decisions at webe.  We behave differently so we can give our members a different experience. A better experience.


So, we took the liberty to create the mobile service plan we would love. One price (that’s reasonable), big rebates for members who are part of the family, no contracts, and a usage model that gives you all the calls, SMS and data you need.


We called this “data liberation.” Why? Because we believe that once you free the consumer from the worries of data caps, quota and other unnecessary baggage, they will really be able to explore and enjoy mobility. The internet is so powerful, useful and enjoyable so why should we be restricting its use?


Two years ago, we set our vision to be a truly digital organisation and brand. We understand to be truly digital, and to deliver a truly digital experience to our customers, it needs to be embedded in our culture and the way we do things.


This is why we started our transformation from the inside. Embracing a digital first philosophy also means we embrace the freedom it provides. So webees work from home, or work at the office as suits the occasion. We have our webe playroom as a one-stop digital location for the whole webee community to work and collaborate with each other. As we bring ‘data liberation’ to Malaysia, each webee is a living example of how being liberated from quotas and limits allow us to do more together.


Once we got past the conventional telco thinking of data plans and caps and bandwidth, we started to explore what mobility and connectivity truly means. When we spoke to Malaysians, they told us that once speeds are fast enough, it wasn’t how much faster they could get. Rather, it was what they could do with it.


Malaysians want to connect with friends, other Malaysians, and make new friends. Malaysians dream big, and we dream big together. There is a communal spirit that makes every Malaysian’s “little”, “a lot.” That’s our philosophy. Mobility should be about unlocking potential in every Malaysian and in every community of Malaysians.


“Start here. Go anywhere”. We’re making webe the conduit of dreams. That’s why we launched webe community, our crowdbacking platform where Malaysians can come together, support great Malaysian projects and make them happen!


So, we’re proud to make our official entrance into the Malaysian mobility space today. We believe that the future will be led by purpose, and the ability to be a brand and company that enables, empowers, collaborates and works alongside our communities in Malaysia.


If you believe in this power of mobility to change the world like we do, join our community today. If you are interested to sign up our service, head over to to register your interest. You may follow our movement through our blog at and Facebook Page at @webedigital.  Together, we can start making the world a better place.

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