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26 February 2017

webe participates at the KL Rush Explorace

“My Philosophy On Running Is, I Don’t Dwell On It, I Do It.” 

― Joan Benoit Samuelson


It’s an admirable sentiment that – to just do it. It’s also one that most runners identify with as the sport is often simply a decision to get up and get it done. Rain or shine, runners know that it’s more than just about maintaining our weight or keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.


According to Kevin Nelson, “Running is a thing worth doing not because of the future rewards it bestows, but because of how it feeds our bodies and minds and souls in the present.” But running is so much more than just being connected to the world. It’s almost about being “reconnected.”


Most of us are so caught up with our always-on online world, trying to keep up or stay in touch with what’s happening with the latest trends, the latest news … that we sometimes forget there exists a world beyond the flickering screens of our laptops, televisions and mobile phones.


Running was also the reason we found quite a few webees out one drizzly Sunday as we headed down to the KL Rush Explorer Race 2017. The rain did little to dampen the passion of the participants. In fact, it seemed to add to the fun! Our checkpoint was at the KL ECO Park, where participants were welcomed with entertaining activities that combined the physical elements and digital world together for a bit of fun.


Now, we understand that coming together of worlds especially well. After all – we’re a digital mobility solutions provider. Oddly enough, that meeting of two words – digital and mobility – was what marked our interest in the event to begin with.


It was an opportunity for us to meet our members, have some fun with them and be a part of the community that we live, work and run in. This is more than just a good time for us though. By listening to the community around us, we’re better able to hear what our members need. It’s all part of being a community led brand and it’s a key ingredient to making us, webe.


We’ll be looking for other things that bring our physical and digital worlds together in the coming months – and we hope you’ll be there with us. So make sure you keep in touch with us over here at our blog, or at our Facebook page. You make us awesome and we want to make sure that we make you guys feel equally as awesome as well!


We’ll let you have a peek at some of the fun below as pictures tell the story so much more effectively :-)



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