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03 May 2017

Your ‘LIKE’ turn these projects to go for the next phase!!

webe community is now ready to unveil four (4) exciting new projects supported by, and for the community at large!


Building on the success we achieved last year in bringing 5 projects to life, we sent out a call for new project ideas from the Malaysian public, and opened submissions for a new batch of deserving projects, that you the community would like to see happen.


It was great to see so many BIG ideas by Malaysian innovators that promised positive change towards a better Malaysia, consequently we shortlisted these four (4) interesting new projects that cover everything from improving the uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among Malaysian students, to improving health monitoring for individuals and groups. In selecting these potential projects, we were committed to our core philosophy of letting the community take the lead, and choose what they would like to see realised.


#webemakers project for instance, is a traveling maker-space which provides hands-on STEM based workshops to students all-across Malaysia, with the aim of creating a focal point for the community to come together and create things using Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  


#webehealthy project on the other hand, is spearheaded by Dr. Mahesh, introduces a creative and innovative way to measure all levels of healthcare provision by developing & implementing of a personalised mobile health account backed by algorithms that studies, predicts & prevent diseases for its users.


How about an award-winning social enterprise providing affordable eco-friendly food packaging to food operators? Well, #webeunitybox is not your average food packaging solutions company. They also help companies to effectively reach out to their prospects and attain a highly-regarded brand profile through food box advertising. The best part – these eco-friendly, decompose-able food boxes do not harm the environment!


The fourth engaging idea is the #webehelpinghands whose goal is to create customized sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor and dis-empowered community members.


These innovative Malaysian-made projects need your support, so check out the various project pages at to find out more details and help inform your choice for pledging.


To pledge your support, just log onto webe community website at then go to the specific project page you would like to support and click on the “pledge” button. You will be redirected to give access to your FB account, and your pledge will be registered via a FB ‘like’.


Remember, each project needs your support to become live, so get started on supporting your favourite ideas, and spread the word to your family and friends too! We need everybody’s support! Make a difference in your community today by helping get these great projects launched! Got a BIG idea yourself that will make a difference? Share it with us now, and let the power of the community give it life!

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