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19 May 2016

WEbePOP aims to change the local music scene

Malaysia is one of the rare Asian countries that produce English language songs, but with the influx of international artistes ruling the music industry today, it is hard for the local artistes to make it big, even if it is in their own country.

So, how many Malaysian English-singing musicians or bands do you actually know of, and how many of their songs can you name?

Unlike the Malay music scene, the local English scene noticeably falls short as it does not get much support from listeners, simply because the scene has been dominated by the international artistes who are getting more exposure out there.

So this is where WEbePOP comes in!

Via talking to the lead singer of pop-punk band An Honest Mistake, Darren Teh and Malay-singing sensation Elizabeth Tan, who are both part of the WEbePOP project – we learn about how this initiative will completely change the local music scene in Malaysia!

First things first, what exactly is WEbePOP?

webe was previously known as P1 (Yes, that internet service), and has now re-branded to become the first fully-funded crowdbacking digital platform in Malaysia to help Malaysians bring change in the areas that they are passionate about.


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